MedRebels is an educational organization, dedicated to creating awareness of the benefits and possibilities of adult stem cell treatments. We strive to enhance quality of life by guiding patients through the rapidly evolving landscape of regenerative medicine.

We do it because we believe in the human voice and the human spirit. We believe that if people become their own advocates for determining which treatments are right for them, we can start a health revolution. People need to be talking about adult stem cell treatments, asking questions of their health care providers, and demanding their right to know if it’s an option for them.

What We Do

From basic information about adult stem cell therapies to helping you find a doctor close to home, MedRebels is your partner on the path to pain-free living. We offer:

What Our Patients Say


“Thanks to MedRebels and the amazing research and orthopedic successes utilizing adult stem cells, my pain is gone! I’m euphoric about my success and forever an avid supporter of adult stem cell therapies.”


“Somewhere around the fourth week, post procedure, I noticed a dramatic turn of events. I was no longer stiff. I had more range of motion. I got out of bed and was pain free! I exercised and felt better!”