Adult Stem Cells for Erectile Dysfunction

An Entirely New Approach

An in-clinic procedure.

The treatment takes place in an outpatient clinic, so no surgery or hospital stay is required.

By certified urological professionals.

A certified nurse will conduct a diagnostic overview, which is always reviewed by a Board Certified Urologist.

A series of painless injections.

Patients undergoing the stem cell procedure will typically receive 2-3 painless injections of one of several injectables directly into their penis on a monthly basis.

Follow-up visits to monitor progress.

Follow-up appointments are conducted 1 week post-injection and every three months after stem cells have been injected. However, specific course of follow up for patients may be different.
How soon will patients see results?

Results vary from patient to patient. However, some patients have seen results as early as 1-2 weeks post-injection. Patients have also noted improved morning erections, better erections with and without a PDE5 inhibitor, and decrease in degree of curvature, etc.

 How effective is the stem cell treatment?

In preliminary studies, all patients involved had significant improvement in erections, decrease in plaque size, and decrease in degree of curvature.


All stem cell treatment is administered by a Board Certified Urologist.

Risks and side effects of the procedure include, but are not limited to:

  • infection
  • scarring
  • numbness at injection site
  • increased risk of transmission of disease (Hepatitis, HIV, infection, etc.)
  • Immune rejection of Stem cells/tissue product
  • loss of function and/or integrity of stem cells
  • risk of growth of malignant tumors

“ I had erectile dysfunction which even saying was and is difficult to say and admit. I know it is not my fault but the shame was enormous. My problem started as a result of taking Propecia because I was losing my hair. My vanity had a huge cost for me. It got slightly better over time but never near normal. I had to get a prescription for Viagra and that worked well for a while. Then at 48 while on vacation with my new girlfriend I had real problems. Nothing was working. I even went to the pharmacy and tried Cialis. Nothing.

I thought I was going to get dumped and I was down. I did a Google news search and found a story about Dr. Z and the stem cells treatment. I emailed and ask to be in the next trial.

I absolutely feel the Stem cells treatment dramatically helped. For the first time in years I have hope for a full recovery.”