Biceps femoris insertional tendinopathy is the condition that occurs as a result of irritation of the biceps femoris muscle.

The biceps femoris tendon is located in the lower portion of the hamstring muscle that attaches directly to the back of the knee. Its main purpose is to assist in bending the knee and extending the hip.

While excessively running and jumping, small tears can develop as a result of overuse and these tears lead to scar tissue and adhesions. This makes the tendon thicker and tighter, creating a pulling sensation at the insertion point.

hamstring injury

hamstring injury

To reduce any pain or swelling, staying off the leg and applying ice are typically advised. Along with anti-inflammatory or pain medications, when needed. If the pain persists after a period of time, surgery or steroid injections may sometimes be suggested.

Many people with biceps femoris insertional tendinopathy do not want to resort to surgery or risk the side effects associated with steroid injections, so an easier, safer alternative may be the injection of one’s own stem cells to treat the injury and essentially regrow the damaged tissue.

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