The eight carpal bones of the wrist are held together by ligaments. When there is an injury to one of these ligaments, the wrist may be rendered unstable.

Carpal instability occurs when the small bones in the wrist move out of position and compromise joint functioning as a result of wear and tear, bone fractures, or arthritis.

Carpal instability causes ongoing pain and the loss of wrist functioning. You may experience a snapping or hear a clicking noise when you move your hand from side to side. Your hand and wrist may feel weak and stiff. You may be unable to use them for activities. Over time, your hand may develop arthritis.

carpal instability

carpal instability

Treatment is specific to the type of instability experienced. Splinting will treat some types of carpal instability but many types of carpal instability require surgery. Arthroscopic surgery is commonly used to treat carpal instability.

Regenerative medicine may be used in conjunction with surgery or alone to address patient pain and inflammation from carpal instability.

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