Conditions Treated By Stem Cells

  • knee injuries and pain
    Knee Injuries and Pain
  • hip injuries and pain
    Hip Injuries and Pain
  • shoulder injuries and pain
    Shoulder Injuries and Pain
  • An x-ray of an ankle injury with pain
    Ankle Injuries and Pain
  • back injuries and pain
    Back & Neck Injuries and Pain
  • Wrist injuries and pain
    Wrist Injuries and Pain

When stem cells divide they create progenitor cells. Unlike stem cells, progenitor cells can become cells with more specialized functions, such as brain cells, red blood cells or – of particular interest to orthopaedic surgeons—components of specialized tissue such as bone or cartilage.

Orthopaedic surgeons have focused their attention on mesenchymal stem cells. Unlike embryonal stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells are obtained from living adult tissue.

Bone marrow stromal cells are mesenchymal stem cells that, in the proper environment, can differentiate into cells that are part of the musculoskeletal system. They can help to form trabecular bone, tendon, articular cartilage, ligaments and part of the bone marrow.

Above are some areas of the body and common injuries and conditions where physicians have utilized adult stem therapy alone or in conjunction with traditional treatment. Click where you hurt to learn about conditions treated and how you can find a stem cell therapy doctor in your area.

“Plantar fasciitis was the first injury that I have had while training and I have been fortunate enough that I haven’t had to seek any care for an injury before this. I found Dr. Paez and have had a great experience, the treatment that I received here got me back to training and gave me the boost that I needed while training. After completing the treatments with Dr. Paez, my foot didn’t bother me again.”

Lauren Goss, Professional Triathlete

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