Cosmetic Enhancement With Stem Cells

If you’ve looked into cosmetic enhancement at all, you know that all cosmetic treatments have to be repeated, because they treat the symptoms of aging and not the cause.

But what if you could use your own body’s biology to turn back the clock and actually treat the causes of aging skin instead of just the symptoms?

Regenerative medicine with stem cells and platelet-rich plasma for cosmetic use harness the body’s natural healing cascade, concentrating it, and then sending it where it’s needed. Utilizing the latest technology, highly skilled aestheticians merge useful portions of your own blood into your skincare interventions, speak the same biological language as your skin at the cellular level.


The blood components used contain materials known to stimulate cell division and collagen production, two of the most important goals of any skincare.

Instead of making your skin look like it’s younger, regenerative medicine uses your own blood in an effort to make your skin actually function as if it’s younger.

PRP Therapy


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