How Stem Cell Therapy Helped Broncos’ Mark Schlereth

Article by Macradee Aegerter, Fox31 Denver

Feb. 05, 2016

Stem cell therapy soon might become the go-to treatment option for patients with osteoarthritis or chronic injury. But is the treatment for everybody? It was the answer for former Broncos player Mark Schlereth, who dealt with daily pain. “I call it a varying degree of crappiness of how I feel,” Schlereth said.

Schlereth played guard in the NFL for 12 seasons, and aches and pain were considered the daily norm for him. All the hits, blocks and big games came with a price, according to Schlereth.

“Twenty knee surgeries, a bunch of elbow surgeries, it’s back surgeries, kidney surgery, 29 combined surgeries,” he said. It wasn’t until recently that the three-time Super Bowl champion found stem cell therapy, a treatment many in the medical community are hailing as a miracle.

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