A torn labrum is an injury to the shoulder joint that causes pain, instability, and difficulty with activities.

Shoulder falls and lifting heavy objects repeatedly are common causes of a labral tear. It’s also common for athletes, particularly baseball players, who throw a ball.

Symptoms of a labral tear include weakness or instability in the shoulder, a general aching or soreness in the shoulder (with no particular location), a pain when moving the arm over the head (like throwing a ball), and a popping or clicking in the shoulder.

shoulder injury

shoulder injury

Anti-inflammatories and hot/cold compresses are typically suggested first to reduce swelling. After swelling is controlled, a sling may also be suggested to support the arm. Exercise and stretching will strengthen the muscle and the back of the shoulder.

Arthroscopic surgery may then be recommended to allow the doctor to get a closer look at the injury and repair the damage. Stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive regenerative treatment that is being used in some cases to treat labral tears with minimal downtime.

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