The posterior cruciate ligament, or the PCL, keeps the tibia from moving backwards too far.

PCL injuries are not as common as an injury to the ACL and are often due to a blow to the knee while it’s bent. More often than not, the injury is a result from a trip or a fall, but is known to happen during automobile accidents or contact sports.

When the PCL is sprained or torn, the patient will start to notice some pain, swelling, and a feeling of instability. Often times, the signs and symptoms can be so mild that you might not even notice anything wrong. Although, over a period of time, a PCL tear can lead to osteoarthritis.

pcl tear

pcl tear

Surgery is not required in most case, as long as there are no other injuries involved. Icing, elevating, and bracing the knee will eventually lead to recovery.

When surgery is the only option, it requires replacing the ligament with new tissue rather than stitching together the existing torn ligament.

As with the other ligament tears, regeneration of the tissue has been successful in some cases through stem cell therapy.

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