Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease is a form of erectile dysfunction that can cause men to have anxiety issues in the bedroom. For some men, stem cells have been the Peyronie’s treatment they’ve been seeking.


Peyronie’s disease is the development of scar tissue that causes an abnormal curvature of the penis, most noticeably during an erection. Oftentimes, this can make it difficult to get or maintain an erection.


The cause of Peyronie’s disease is unknown. Although, one theory is that it may be genetically linked or inherited. Another theory is that Peyronie’s disease can develop after an injury, maybe from hitting or bending. The thought behind this is that the trauma causes localized bleeding inside the penis.

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Symptoms commonly include:

  • A lump or band of hard tissue along the shaft of the penis, most noticeable when the penis is flaccid
  • A bent or curved appearance of the penis, noticeable when the penis is erect
  • A painful erection
  • Inability to maintain an erection
  • Inability to achieve penetration during intercourse
  • Shortening of the penis

Traditionally, Peyronie’s disease was treated with skin grafts and implant surgeries. This is no longer necessary!

With recent advances in stem cell treatments, some Peyronie’s disease cases can now be corrected with just a few painless injections. No surgery required!

Patients may begin seeing results as early as a week or two after receiving treatment. These results include improved erections, decrease in scar tissue, and a significant decrease in curvature.